12 on the 12th (ish)

WHEW, what a month.  I can't believe that September is almost half over.  The other day as I was speeding like a manic driving to work I realized that it was the 12th of the month.  I remembered that Doodle Bugs Teaching had a great linky party during the Summer ~ 12 on the 12th.  Everyone posted 12 random pictures from their day. So I grabbed the camera out of my purse and started shooting away. In honor of this great idea. . . here are 12 random pictures that I took on Wednesday.

1.  Late to school . . . again.
2.  During math time one of my kinders created a shape person he named "Timmy the smiling shapeguy".  The name made everyone giggle and so they all started to make their own crazy shape people. 
3.  A HUGE benefit to teaching a K/1 combo class - my firsties love reading to my kinders.  
4, 5, 6.  I can't believe it but I think my kids were ACTUALLY listening when we were discussing different types of scientists.  Seriously, check out these great interactive notebook pages:
        4.  I can be a botanist.
        5.  I can be a volcanologist.
        6.  I can be a paleontologist.
7.  Colored glue in action (click here to see my previous post).
8.  The head custodian lowered my desks and gave me smaller chairs (HALLELUJAH).
9.  This is where I had to park because I was soooooo late to school.
10.  Dessert time - come on 3 for $1.00 you can't beat that price.
11.  My new PJ's - my Godson saw them in Walmart and begged his mom to buy them for me ~ Love ya G.
12.  My principal told me that she is going to let me "test" one of the school's new iPads in my classroom ~ I think she just got sick of me stealing hers.

Well that's that, my day in a nutshell.  This week we have open house so I'm sure I'll have some more pictures to share.  For now, I'm off to play with my the school's iPad.
SHINE on everyone!


  1. Score on the iPad!! I like your 12 picture break down. I'm usually running late for life too in the morning. Oh how I wish I were a morning person!

    ❤ -Stephanie
    Falling Into First

  2. our school just got iPads too and I can't wait to play on it (I don't own anything current in the way of up-to-date technology things).

    Enjoyed the pictures!!

    Tales From a Traveling Teacher


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