SERIOUSLY there are only two days left in January???!!!  It seems like I was just posting about my New Year's resolutions and then BAM the month is almost over.  This week I have assessments to do, conferences to have, meetings to attend, sub plans to write oh and by the way. . . my school computer just crashed and Thursday is 100 day!  WHEW, just from typing this I'm starting to freak out a little bit but like Dory says  ~  "just keep swimming, just keep swimming."

Today I am sharing my very first official TPT unit that I finished up this weekend.
If you are looking for some idea for 100 day, swing on over and check out my packet by clicking here.  I combined all of the 100 day activities that I've done over the years into this one unit.  It includes three family projects, an adorable craftivity, math items, writing prompts, certificates, a 100 day necklace, and lots of classroom pictures. Here's a sneak peek at some of my favorite pages.

There are so many items included in these 43 pages that I'm actually starting our 100 Day celebration one day earlier and we might not finish until next week.  I'm linking up with one of my favorite bloggers Denise from Sunny Days in Second Grade for her linky party.  If you want to see some more great idea or if you would like to link up, just click here to join the fun.
Well I'm off to paper cut my link chains for Thursday.
SHINE on everyone
This week I actually had a mini freak-out in my classroom.  On Wednesday we celebrated the 90th day of school.  Ummm let me repeat. . . THE 90th DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!  On the one hand that means I've survived 90 days of teaching my K/1 combination class but on the other hand that means I ONLY have 90 days left to teach my K/1 combination class.  I'm kind of freaking out that I only have 90 days to teach my kids EVERYTHING that they need to know by next year. . . YIKES!!!  As I was explaining to my kids about how cool the 90th day was all I kept hearing in my head was Jon Bon Jovi singing "ahhhhh we're half way there, ohhh livin' on a prayer".  One consolation is that I really do LOVE this time of the year.  The kids really mature over the winter break and they seem to be picking things up faster and have really settled into a routine so I'm going to just take a deep breath, relax and just teach on.

I'm linking up again with Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching for her weekly Five for Five.
So here is a sneak peek at my week (hey that rhymes).
1. I LOVE these snowmen that my kids made in Art class
(the ones with 3 eyes crack me up).
2. This week was rainbow week . . . hmmm I wonder what the color of the day was?
 3. Student: "Look Ms. Simpson, I made another hand and they both have little heart tattoos"
4.  Data collection for rainbow week.
5.  I posted my second official TPT product this FREEBIE that my kids will be finishing up on Monday. Click HERE to download. 

So there you have it 5 random pictures from my week. Thanks Kacey for hosting this party each week.  Well I'm off to procrastinate.
SHINE on everyone!
WELCOME to my Linky Party 12 on the 12th (January edition).  A special thanks to Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching for passing the baton on to me.  I'm so excited to get this party started for 2013.  I think that this will be a great way to document the year.
So without further ado drum roll please. . . here is how I spent my day.
1.  Anyone who knows me is saying "8:15 on a SATURDAY and she's in the car WHAT??!!??"  With the holidays I haven't gone to the grocery store in over a month. . . time to stock up.
2 - 4.  I have to get to the Farmer's Market EARLY or everything is picked over. Yes, the sign says green peppers for a quarter ~ you can't top that.
5.  My total was $12.75 with the three extra cucumbers I picked up on my way out ~ how crazy is that?
6.  Out with the old and in with the new ~ I love this new little wallet that I got from one of my kinders at Christmas.  The market was the perfect place to test it out for the first time.
7.  Breakfast time ~ my local bagel shop.
8.  Flip flops in January ~ one of the many perks of living in the Sunshine State.
9.  My sister sent me all of her old Christmas cards so I can use them next year ~ thanks D.
10.  LOVE this store, all of their accessories are $1.00.
11.  Fried apple fritters rolled in cinnamon sugar with strawberry dipping sauce ~ YUM!!!
12.  Planning, planning, and more planning with my Firstie Friend.  I can't say this enough, MY FRIENDS ROCK!!

So there you have it 12 random pictures from my day. If you would like to read my previous posts click here and here.  So now it's your turn to join the fun.  Feel free to snag my picture and link up.  If you can't post on the 12th that's fine, you can link up any time during the month.  I have some fun ideas planned for this linky so be sure to stay tuned.  Well I'm off to finish planning. SHINE on everyone

HAPPY belated NEW YEAR!!!!!  This week was my first week back with my class since the break and we really hit the ground running.  The first 3 days were smooth sailing but then on Thursday BAM 7 kids in timeout with their cards turned my reaction ~ WHAT??!! I guess the honeymoon period was over by then.  Thankfully they recovered by Friday and we ended the week on a great note.
Today I'm joining up with the SUPER talented Kacey from Doodlebugs Teaching to show you some of my week with her linky party Five for Friday.
1.  Thank you pinterest for this great idea.  My kids loved using post it note and colored pencils to complete these posters.
2.  One of my good friends came in and hooked up our new fancy smanshy headphones so now my kids can get back on the computers.
 3.  My kinders were focusing on the letter E this week. . . come on how cute are these?
4.  Kindergarten math ~ reviewing the number 7.  Thanks blogland for all of the awesome resources that I've added to my curriculum this year.  My magic E wand is hiding off in the corner because my firsties were working on silent E this week.  E for my kinder, silent E for my firsties ~ it was a coincidence that it worked out that way and I was so thankful.
5. Our PTA held an anti-bully night on Friday.  The idea for this night came from Lisa of Learning is Something to Treasure click here to read her postThis 5th grader is signing a pledge to help stop bullying.

Well there you have it, my first week back in a nutshell.  Thank you Kacey for hosting this party.  Kacey was also the brainchild behind the Linky Party 12 on the 12th.  If you want to read posts from December's 12-12-12 party click here.  Well I'm happy to say that I am keeping this party going for 2013 (insert cheers, confetti throwing and noise makers here).   Anyone who knows me, knows I am a picture taking nut so I'm excited to host this party.  I think this will be a great way to keep track of the year.
If you want to join the fun, grab a camera, phone, tablet etc. on the 12th of each month and start clicking away.  My goal is to have the party listed by 6:00ish on the 12th of each month.  If you can't link up on the actually 12th, that's fine just link up anytime during the month.  I have a few new twists that I'm thinking of adding to this party so stay tuned.  I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures.

Well, I'm off to charge my camera, SHINE on everyone.    
It's the beginning of the month which means two things . . .
1.  It's time to pay my HOA fee (boo)
2.  It's time to link up with the one and only Farley to list what I'm currently up to (woo hoo). 

I am loving the OLW idea for this month.  It was so hard for me to pick just one word so I went to the link that Farley had in her post (click here to read more). The one word that stood out to me was ACCOMPLISH, I think this is perfect for me.  This year I want to accomplish all of my goals that I set for myself.  Personal goals, professional goals, blogging goals, monthly goals, weekly goals, daily goals. . . BRING IT ON!!!

Well one thing I need to accomplish is getting packed for my mini vacay tomorrow.  Thanks for taking the time to swing by my blog.  SHINE on everyone  

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