Superhero Saturday

Do you have a favorite super hero?  Growing up I was a big Super Grover fan.  I would giggle every time that he would come crashing in to save the day.  
On Friday I attended a reception to honor all of the teachers in my county who wrote and received classroom grants this year.  One of the keynote speakers talked about how we (the teachers in the room) were his heros.  I started looking around and realized . . . WOW I really am surrounded by some fantastic teachers. 

After the official stuff was over I had a chance to chit chat with some of my friends from other schools which was the real fun part of the afternoon.  The list of accomplishments that they have all achieved is pretty impressive.
  • One friend is the Mathematics Teacher of the Year 
  • One friend was the Teacher of the Year for our county
  • One friend started a collaboration group for our district
  • One friend is now an assistant principal
  • One friend is a facilitator for the SEA Lab Workshop  
See what I mean. . . impressive.  

Did you ever notice that when you are around great teachers it helps to make you a better teacher?  Well that's how I feel about blogland. Thank you all for helping me be a better teacher.  For the month of October I will be posting every Saturday about some of the superheros I've discovered through blogging and Pinterest. Check back next week as I feature some of my favorite primary blogs. 

This week be sure to keep your eyes out for your superhero.
SHINE on everyone!


  1. I totally agree! Being surrounded by so many amazing teacher bloggers just like you, has pushed me to a whole new level! Keep inspiring us!


    Smedley's Smorgasboard of Kindergarten

  2. ^^ LOVE Greg's comment and I couldn't agree more!!

    Thank you for helping me become a better teacher Stacy! Teaching can be such a wonderful thing when you are surrounded by the right people, whether they are in your building or online ;)

    T.G.I.F. (Thank God it's First Grade!)

  3. These two said exactly what I was gonna say! I feel like I am constantly surrounded by super-hero teachers ALL THE TIME thanks to blogland!! And that's just in addition to the awesome one's I work with in person. It's a collaborative profession for sure! :)

    ❤ -Stephanie
    Falling Into First

  4. You are the sweetest!! Whenever I see your comments on my blog I smile!! I haven't been the best with commenting on others blogs lately, but you know I love yours!!

    Kindergarten Smiles


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