12 on the 12th ~ February Edition

Welcome to my 12 on the 12th Linky Party (February Edition).  Once again a special thank you to Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching for coming up with this great idea and for letting me carry on the tradition.
So here's a sneak peek at how I spent my day.
1. Usually I hit the snooze button until AT LEAST 6:10ish but this morning there was no time for snoozing.
2.  This is why I couldn't sleep in ~ I had to get my centers ready for today.
3. Look at this sweet card that was waiting on my desk first thing this morning from one of my former students ~ a Gator Valentine card. . . who could ask for anything more.
4.  I LOVE this anchor chart that my kinders helped me make a few weeks ago ~ we used it again today.
5.  A first grader and a kindergartener pair up and read to each other.  I wish we had time to do this everyday.
6.  After science time students had a few minutes before lunch so I let them pair up to play race to 100.
7.  Weekly sight word practice sheets ~ left side kindergarten, right side first grader.
8 & 9.  Workstation time.
10 & 11.  My friend and I were the last 2 cars in the parking lot so I swung by her room and made her leave with me.
12.  I COULDN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!  All afternoon I kept hearing commercials for these new Fish McBites so I had to pop on in to try them.  I have to admit for $1.00 they are a fun little yummy snack.

So there you have it, 12 random pictures from my day.  Now it's your turn to join the party.  Remember to grab the picture from above and link up.  If you don't get to post on the 12th that's fine, feel free to come back and link up any time during the month.

Well I'm off to eat one (maybe two) of my chocolate chip cookies.  SHINE on everyone


  1. Holy guac and chips . . . where did you get those amazing reading chairs sweets?? Those are to die for. I so need to get my act together . . . the 12th came and went and my camera stayed in my bag :( Loved your post. Hugs!!!

  2. Love your problem solving anchor chart. My kids have such a good time helping to put them together. I love those little chairs too! Have a great weekend!

    A+ Firsties


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