12 on the 12th ~ March Edition

Happy 12th of the Month Day!!!  I know that technically it's the 13th but if you don't tell, I won't tell.  Welcome to my monthly 12 on the 12th Linky Party.  As always, a special shout out to Kacey of Doodle Bugs Teaching for coming up with this fun idea.
So let's get this party started with 12 random pictures that I took on the 12th.
1.  I BARELY had time to take this picture in the car because I was running SOOOOOOOO late.  
2.  Kindergarten math time.  A quick review sheet for my kiddos.
3.  My computers were actually working all day without freezing or doing some crazy junk.
4.  Reading time  - my kids still giggle every time that I say "Ok today we are going to focus on PIE with our story" hmmm. . . I guess it does sound weird.
5.  While my firsties worked on their spelling patterns for the week. . .
6, 7.  my kinders worked on reading their alphabet books.
8, 9.  Writing time - all year long my kids have been working on using their "writers eye" so I gave them each their own pair of glasses to use with their writing.  
10.  I think the glasses really helped.  Everyone did a great job with their writing.  Two of these sheet are from kindergarteners and two are from my firsties.  
11.  My kindergarten students spent the day with other kindergarten classes last week when I went on a field trip with my firsties.  Today we worked on creating a double bubble map to compare and contrast our K/1 class with a typical kindergarten class.
12.  I finally hung up my 120 smiles from the 120th day of school on my front door.

Well there you have it, my day in 12 pictures.  Now it's your turn to join the party.  Remember to grab the picture from above and link back anytime this month.  Well I'm off to blog hop.
SHINE on everyone

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