Currently ~ September

Happy Labor Day!!!  Today I am taking a little break from my Instagram feed to link up with the one and only Farley for one of my all time favorite linky parties. . . it's Currently time people.  This month be sure to take a few minutes to read about the sponsor.  She seems really nice and I bet if you follow her on Instagram you will get some great ideas for your classroom.

I heard from a reliable source that the September sponsor is going to be posting some really cool new items to her TPT store this month so you might want to follow her store by clicking here.  Oh and did I mention she is a pinner too?? If you want some great ideas or want to see an entire board dedicated to potato recipes you can follow her by clicking here.  

Alright, alright enough with the self-promotion, it's time to see what I am currently up to.

I love the idea of setting some goals just for September.  Here is what I want to ACCOMPLISH (my OLW click here to read previous post) during this month.

1.  Get back in the gym and eat healthier.  If this is your goal too be sure to tag your pictures on IG with #HealthyTeachers so we can motivate each other.

2.  I can't find anything right now and it's driving me crazy!!!

3.  One of my former principals taught me about the Fish Philosophy years ago.  This month I want to really focus on making their day.  A simple compliment, word of encouragement or smile to a student might be all they need to make their day and remind them that they are loved. . . I need to keep that in mind this month.

So there you have it my life in a nutshell.  Well I'm off to bed right after I check my Instagram feed one more time.
SHINE on everyone!


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