Five for Friday and 12 on the 12th

HAPPY belated NEW YEAR!!!!!  This week was my first week back with my class since the break and we really hit the ground running.  The first 3 days were smooth sailing but then on Thursday BAM 7 kids in timeout with their cards turned my reaction ~ WHAT??!! I guess the honeymoon period was over by then.  Thankfully they recovered by Friday and we ended the week on a great note.
Today I'm joining up with the SUPER talented Kacey from Doodlebugs Teaching to show you some of my week with her linky party Five for Friday.
1.  Thank you pinterest for this great idea.  My kids loved using post it note and colored pencils to complete these posters.
2.  One of my good friends came in and hooked up our new fancy smanshy headphones so now my kids can get back on the computers.
 3.  My kinders were focusing on the letter E this week. . . come on how cute are these?
4.  Kindergarten math ~ reviewing the number 7.  Thanks blogland for all of the awesome resources that I've added to my curriculum this year.  My magic E wand is hiding off in the corner because my firsties were working on silent E this week.  E for my kinder, silent E for my firsties ~ it was a coincidence that it worked out that way and I was so thankful.
5. Our PTA held an anti-bully night on Friday.  The idea for this night came from Lisa of Learning is Something to Treasure click here to read her postThis 5th grader is signing a pledge to help stop bullying.

Well there you have it, my first week back in a nutshell.  Thank you Kacey for hosting this party.  Kacey was also the brainchild behind the Linky Party 12 on the 12th.  If you want to read posts from December's 12-12-12 party click here.  Well I'm happy to say that I am keeping this party going for 2013 (insert cheers, confetti throwing and noise makers here).   Anyone who knows me, knows I am a picture taking nut so I'm excited to host this party.  I think this will be a great way to keep track of the year.
If you want to join the fun, grab a camera, phone, tablet etc. on the 12th of each month and start clicking away.  My goal is to have the party listed by 6:00ish on the 12th of each month.  If you can't link up on the actually 12th, that's fine just link up anytime during the month.  I have a few new twists that I'm thinking of adding to this party so stay tuned.  I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures.

Well, I'm off to charge my camera, SHINE on everyone.    

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  1. I love using post its in the classroom! They're great as reading response, aren't they? I love the way you clipped your posters to the windows.

    Sally from Elementary Matters


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