Five for Friday (Sunday Edition)

I can't believe that it is already the 7th of April.  That means Friday is the 12th so it's time for my monthly 12 on the 12th linky party.  Thanks again to Kacey of Doodle Bugs Teaching for coming up with this great idea.
This month I want to shake things up a little so I'm giving you two options for the party.

OPTION 1:  Grab your camera and take 12 random pictures from your day on the 12th of the month to post and share with blogland.

OPTION 2:  Time for a little Spring Cleaning.  Post 12 pictures of whatever you want to from any day, any month any year.  Your pictures can be school related or personal it's up to you.  I take pictures all the time that I want use on my blog but for some reason or another, they never get posted.  I'm going to use this months party to show you these random pictures so I can do a little cleaning of my picture files. 

I love taking a peek into everyones life so I hope you'll come back on Friday to link up.  Speaking of Friday, I'm linking up today with one of my favorite parties Five for Friday (Sunday edition).
Last week I came back from Spring Break and hit the ground running. I had four conferences, a PST meeting, a pre-conference with my assistant principal, one birthday celebration, Science/Math Night, my teacher observation, a snow cone party, Queens and Quarterbacks day and Talk Like a Pirate day.  Needless to say, my Spring Break was officially OVER.  
One of my students interactive notebook responses.  Look closely and you can see him in the cockpit.
My firsties were studying AR sounds last week so on Friday morning I was dressed like a pirate.  My kinders were studying the letter Q so after lunch I was a queen and by the afternoon I was dressed like a quarterback.  WHEW. . . I thought 50's day and Halloween on the same day (click here) was crazy but this takes the cake.

Two queeens and a quarterback in front of a quilt.  The Arrrrrrt teacher had the kids make these fun quilts at the last minute just to join in on the fun.
Some pirates working on their craftivity.  In the afternoon one of my sweet little queens asked if she could have her face painted like my quarterbacks with the black streaks on her face.  The next thing I knew my pirates wanted their faces done too.  By then I just threw up my hands and went with it.  If you look very carefully at my queen on the left you'll see the black face paint.  It was hysterical.  
After school I was so tired that I laid down on my student table in the middle of talking to one of my friends and she snapped this picture.  How funny is that??!!  I think it perfectly sums up my week.

Well there you have it, a peek at my week.  Here's hoping this week will be a little bit more normal.  Well I'm off to do some lesson plans.  SHINE on everyone

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