Tardy For The Party

WHAT DO YOU MEAN WE ARE IN MAY???!!!!???  Seriously, what happened to April? Well instead of FREAKIN' out about how much I have to do, I'm taking a few minutes to hook up with two of my favorite parties.  First up it's time to link up with the one and only Farley for Currently.  Technically, I did my currently last week I just didn't get a change to post it so. . . here is what I was currently up to on Thursday afternoon.

1. It's stopped raining.
2. Monday is school day 160 ~ YIKES!!!
3. I got my favorite pizza this weekend but without the garlic knots.
4. I did nothing but RELAX all weekend it was FANTASTIC!
5. I am still looking forward to summer.  I don't know where I'm going yet but I can't wait to get there.

If you want to link up with your Currently for May, click here.  Now on to my next party.  I'm linking up with the super creative Kacey of Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday.
OK full disclosure. . . I actually took these pictures a week ago but I didn't have time to post them so here is my Five for last Friday.
My podmates and I came up with this super cute gift for the ladies in the front office for Administrative Assistant Day. I'm so excited that I will finally have something to share on the next Monday Made-It.
My kids have been OBSESSED with speech bubbles so I whipped up these new Author's Purpose cards to use in class.  I love them because they go along with the Spring theme we have been doing in class.  Be on the look out for these in my TPT store soon.

THANK YOU Dollar Tree for always coming through in a pinch.  My Kinders were doing the letter Z so they wrote Z words on their headbands.  My Firsties where doing the /ow/ sound so I had them make cowboy/girl belt buckles to practice writing their /ow/ words.  They all looked super cute that afternoon but the best part was that my Firsties did great on that weeks spelling test.
On Friday the first grade team held a race to recycle day.  As a family project students created cars at home with their parents to bring in.  The kids all did a great job, they were so creative.  Some of them even coordinated their outfits to match their cars, how cute is that??

Well there you have it, some of the things that I've been up to.  Now that you are all caught up, be sure to swing back by later this week.   Not only am I having a sale at my TPT store but I'm also jumping on the instagram bandwagon.  Well I'm off to do some paperwork.
SHINE on everyone!                                                                    


  1. I love your summer bucket list!! It looks a lot like mine. I keep a list of all of the organizational projects I want to do throughout the year. I try to get to MOST of them during the summer because there is NEVER time during the school year. :)


  2. I LOVE you ideas! The mother's day items were too cute! Thanks for sharing! I am your newest follower :)



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