WOW. . . seriously, my last blog post started out with the sentence "Happy Labor Day!!!" I can't believe that it has been that long since I've posted.  I know that things have been crazy busy for me since school started but Labor Day. . . REALLY??!!  Well it is definitely time for me to get back in the swing of things and what better way to jump back into blogging than by linking up with the super sweet Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching for her Five for Friday linky party.
Since I've been MIA I'm going to double the pleasure double the fun by posting 10 pictures.  As always I'm going to rock this party the way Michelle would. . . I'm gonna roll these pictures out ~ hashtag style. 

Happy Labor Day!!!  Today I am taking a little break from my Instagram feed to link up with the one and only Farley for one of my all time favorite linky parties. . . it's Currently time people.  This month be sure to take a few minutes to read about the sponsor.  She seems really nice and I bet if you follow her on Instagram you will get some great ideas for your classroom.

I heard from a reliable source that the September sponsor is going to be posting some really cool new items to her TPT store this month so you might want to follow her store by clicking here.  Oh and did I mention she is a pinner too?? If you want some great ideas or want to see an entire board dedicated to potato recipes you can follow her by clicking here.  

Alright, alright enough with the self-promotion, it's time to see what I am currently up to.

I love the idea of setting some goals just for September.  Here is what I want to ACCOMPLISH (my OLW click here to read previous post) during this month.

1.  Get back in the gym and eat healthier.  If this is your goal too be sure to tag your pictures on IG with #HealthyTeachers so we can motivate each other.

2.  I can't find anything right now and it's driving me crazy!!!

3.  One of my former principals taught me about the Fish Philosophy years ago.  This month I want to really focus on making their day.  A simple compliment, word of encouragement or smile to a student might be all they need to make their day and remind them that they are loved. . . I need to keep that in mind this month.

So there you have it my life in a nutshell.  Well I'm off to bed right after I check my Instagram feed one more time.
SHINE on everyone!
I know, I know, I know I have been living in the land of summer vacation people and my poor little blog has been sooooooo sadly neglected but I am back.  Now that summer is coming to an end it's time for me to say  THANK YOU.  Thank you blogland and the magical word of Instagram for all of the great ideas for my classroom.  I am so grateful for all of the great new connections that I've made this summer.  To show my appreciation, it's time for my second annual. . .  
For this giveaway, YOU get to pick your prize.  I will be using Rafflecopter to select one lucky winner who will get a $15.00 gift card to one of the stores listed.  The giveaway ends at midnight on Thursday, August 8th ~ good luck.

Now that I'm back it's time for me to link up with two of my favorite linky parties.  Today the super sweet Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching is back with her weekly linky Five for Friday.
Once again I am going to rock this party the way Michelle always does. . . I'm gonna roll these pictures out ~ hashtag style.

#FarmersMarket   #CheapYumminess

#JoinTheFitnessTrainPeople   #TagUp   #LetsMotivateEachOther

#OkayTPT   #ImReadyForYouNow

#FirstDayInMyClass   #Ummm   #ImInTrouble

#GoodTimes   #GreatFriends   #IHeartSummer
I am also linking up today with the one and only Farley for her Currently linky party.  Here is what I was currently up to last night before I fell asleep on the couch with my laptop literally ON my lap.

I love that Farley sponsors this linky every month.  Currently in a cool way has become a journal for my life each month. When I went back and read my post from last year (click here) it was neat to see what I was up to 364 days ago.  If you haven't looked back at your Currently posts in awhile, take a minute to do so.

Now for my back to school must haves:  
# 1  I have said it before and I will say it again, my friends are the best. My life sometimes can be a hot mess of nonsense and I am so incredible lucky to have such a great support system surrounding me. 
# 2  See picture above ~ Thank you Sam's.
# 3  Comfy shoes has not been checked off the list for this year yet but they are an essential for me especially for the first few weeks of school since my feet go into withdrawal from not being able to wear my Nike flip flops. 

So there you have it, a brief look into my life.  Well I'm off to pretend like I am getting work done for school but I'll probably just procrastinate a little bit more.
SHINE on everyone!

Ready or not here it comes. . . it's the final countdown people.  I think Reagan from Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits summed it up best when she called the problem at hand GR13C (Google Reader 2013 Crisis). But don't panic, you can still follow me by jumping aboard the     Bloglovin' train.
Click the picture above to follow my blog on Bloglovin'
I want to say a big HUGE thank you to the super sweet Anna from Crazy for First Grade for letting me use her Bloglovin' button. Seriously. . . how cute is that button??
If you haven't already switched your blog over to Bloglovin' and you are as confused about this whole GR13C as I am then click here to read a post by Jessica from A Turn to Learn.  She actually has several posts that you will want to check out. Well I'm off to do some blog stalking.
SHINE on everyone 
Sound the trumpets, pop the champagne bottles and get the confetti ready. . . it's time for another Super Hero Saturday.  Once again I'd like to take the time to spotlight some of my all time favorite bloggers out there in blogland.  Since I live in Florida, this week I'm featuring two of my fellow Floridians.
Super Hero 1 is one of my go to kindergarten teachers Vickie from Mrs. Plant's Press. One day I want to take a road trip on over to see her classroom, she is AMAZING. Vickie's blog is filled with pictures of all of the fabulous things that she does in her room.  If you are looking for some great common core ideas, look no further.  Vickie is one of the first bloggers that I actually purchased a TPT item from and my kids LOVED it.  I have pinned anchor charts, math activities, reading activities, headbands ideas, and even cooking ideas from her blog.  As a bonus if you follow Vickie on instagram you get to see lots of pictures of her adorable daughter.
Super Hero 2 is actually one of the bloggers that I had the chance to meet last summer (click here) Denise from Sunny Days In Second Grade.  Denise always has great common core ideas for the classroom and is starting to be one of my must reads when it come to using technology in the classroom.  One of my favorite posts was when she recently talked about my new obsession ~ Instagram. . . click here to read her post. As always, she was spot on with everything that she wrote.  Denise is super sweet, really talented and is one of my FAVORITE bloggers out there.  Next year I'm looking forward to using her April Fool's joke with my kids and I can't wait to see what other technology ideas she will have to share.
Sunny Days in Second
Speaking of Super Heros, one of my heros from last week (click here) Farley is hosting her monthly linky party Currently a little bit early. Last month I was tardy to the party (seriously I was link #493) so this month I'm not putting it off. . . here is what I am currently up to.
My tip for blogging is actually something that I read on Farley's blog last summer that really stuck with me.  Just be yourself when you blog.  With my blog this is me . . . the things I like, the ideas I want to share the journey I am on.  I hope that you can find some ideas that you can use in your classroom or in your personal life to help you along with your journey.  Well I'm off to organize my closet (maybe).
SHINE on everyone.
It's Friday so time to join up with one of my favorite linky parties Five for Friday with Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching.
If you follow me on instagram then you have seen these pictures throughout the week.  If you don't follow me. . . ummm hello you need to (click here) to follow along with my instagram obsession.  Once again thanks to the brainchild of Michelle, I am rockin' this party hashtag style.

#FoundANewFreeApp   #FirstPicture    #FarmersMarketYumminess
#HashtagParty  #UsePipTeachers  #StayConnected  #ThanksFrogsAndCupcakes
#HappyBirthdayToMe   #BirthdayBagel   #MyCuteDate
#SeaLabProject   #TeacherTalkTuesday   
#BirthdayPromise   #GettingHealthy   
So there you have it a quick peek into my summer so far.  Be sure to come back tomorrow to see who I will be spotlighting on Super Hero Saturday.  Well I'm off to check my instagram feed. 
SHINE on everyone.

Today I am linking up with the super talented Cara from The First Grade Parade for her linky party Throwback Thursday.  
The rules for this party are simple, re-post one of your old posts.  The idea behind this party is pure GENIUS.  With all of the craziness of the school year I am sure that I have missed some great posts from some of my favorite bloggers in Blogland.  This party gives us a chance to re-read some of these great ideas.  

Speaking of Blogland, this summer I decided to bring back Super Hero Saturday.  This is when I take the time to give a special shout out to some of my favorite blogs. 

Today I am re-posting my first Super Hero Saturday post that I originally published on Sunday, October 14, 2012.


Well it's time for my very first installment of (insert loud super hero echo type of voice)  SUPER HERO SATURDAY

I know, I know. . . when I talked about having a day to feature my blogging Super Heros (click here for post) I thought it would be called Super Hero Saturday but thankfully Saturday and Sunday both begin with the letter S so I can fudge my post a little bit this time.

Super Hero 1 is the very FIRST blog that I ever followed.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Mrs. Parker.  I started following this blog back before I even knew what following a blog meant.  Back then I just knew Mrs. Parker had some really great ideas and showed lots of pictures of her classroom.  The look of her blog might have changed from back then but the content is still FANTASTIC.  Mrs. Parker's blog is still one of my go to blogs for all things kindergarten.
Kindergarten Blog 
Super Hero 2 is one of my favorite blogs to check out when I need a good chuckle and a great idea.  Kelley is so super talented and always puts a smile on my face.  Her Rockin' Resources Linky Party is still one of my all time favorite ways to find new stuff for my classroom.  The ideas that come out of that Factory of hers are so original and creative. Because of her blog, my kids will be participating in a Pen Pal exchange this year that I'm so excited about. 
Sour Apple Studio
First Grade Blog
Super Hero 3 actually got me to make a meal this summer using asparagus for the very first time. . .no seriously, I cooked a meal WITH ASPARAGUS.  Susan is so over the top fabulous and her blog is amazing.  I have pinned so many things from her that I'm thinking of creating a board just for T.G.I.F.  I just purchased her Creating an All About packet and I can't wait to use it in my class.  I'm also going to be passing out her inventive spelling freebie to my parents at our upcoming conferences.
First Grade Blog
Super Hero 4 is one of the sweetest bloggers out there.  Michelle has so many great ideas that she uses in her classroom.  I just started using her 10 Frames Fall counting activity with my kids and they love it. This summer I emailed Michelle to find out where she purchased this super cute dry erase board and she offered to mail me hers for me to borrow for my class. . . see what I mean ~ how nice is that.
Kindergarten Blog
Super Hero 5 is another super sweet blogger who I actually met (click here for previous post).  Caitlin's blog could be renamed "Caitlin Smiles" because she was so upbeat and positive and is willing to share so freely.  If you are looking for some great common core activities for your classroom this is the place to check out.  Because of her blog my kids are going to be learning All About Bats for the next few weeks ~ how cool is that?
Kindergarten Smiles
Kindergarten Blog
Well there you have it, in random order. . . five of my all time favorite blogs.  If you haven't visited these blogs go check them out, I PROMISE you that you won't be disappointed.  Be sure to check back next Saturday (or Sunday) to see a list of some more of my Super Heros.  
SHINE on everyone!
Welcome to Super Hero Saturday.  Each week I would like to take a few minutes to give a shout out to some of my fellow bloggers who are my super heros. Today I am featuring one primary and one intermediate blog.

Super Hero 1 is one of my favorite kindergarten blogs, the super talented Erin from Eberhart's Explorers.  I cannot tell you how many fantastic ideas I have "borrowed" from her over the past few years.  One of the things that I LOVE about Erin's blog is that she always takes TONS of pictures of her classroom to share so you can actually see her ideas in action.  Any teacher who has a Grinch day during Christmas time is going to be ranking high on my list so be sure to check her out. I promise you that you will not be disappointed.  
Super Hero 2 is one of my favorite tell it like it is bloggers, the one and only Farley from Oh' Boy Fourth Grade.  Farley blogs about both her classroom and her personal life.  Seriously she is hilarious.  Because of her I have added phrases like "cray, cray" to my vocabulary.  This year instead of coming up with a New Year's resolution Farley introduced me to the idea of OLW which I still keep in the back of my head when I'm setting goals each week (click here to read more).  Farley also hosts one of my favorite linky parties ~ Currently.  Each month I take a moment to write about what I am currently up to. It's like a monthly journal for me and I love it.  
Speaking of Currently, I know I'm a little tardy for the party but here is my Currently for June.  
So there you have it two of my Super Heros.  Be sure to come back every Saturday this summer to see some more of my favorite blogs. Well I'm off to do some blog stalking.  SHINE on everyone  
Today is the official FIRST DAY OF SUMMER!!!! I found out through Instagram this week that some stores already have their Fall and Christmas decorations on display but that is a whole different post. I am now officially on Summer vacation. . . can I get a woop, woop??!! My last day at school was on June 5th but I've been teaching a PD workshop for the past two weeks so I've still been in what my friend calls "teacher mode".  Today that came to an end, my alarms clocks are off, and my break is beginning.  With all of this time on my hands I actually can join up today with Kacey of Doodle Bugs Teaching for her party Five for Friday and I'm posting ON FRIDAY.
This week all of my pictures are from the SEA Lab workshop that I was teaching with these great ladies.  Every summer we get to work together and even though I am one of the facilitators, I always come away with some great new teaching tips.  I'll be posting about this workshop soon.
Here are my five pictures from SEA Lab this week.  Once again I'm rockin' this party the way Michelle from Apples and ABC's would ~ we're rolling these pictures out hashtag style.

#LabelingPartsOfAFish   #FishWearLipstick??? 
 #CoffeefilterJellyfish   #Cuteness
#LabelingPartsOfALobster   #ThankYouPinterest
#FamilyProjects   #HeWasSoProudHeColoredAllTheBlueHimself
#HowCuteIsThis   #LoveTheScubaDiver
So there you have a sneak peek into my week. If you would like to see some more pictures from our workshop, you can find them on Instagram by clicking HERE.  Use the hashtag #SummerSeaLab (all lowercase) and you will see some of the other pictures I've posted over the past two weeks.  

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for Super Hero Saturday.  All summer long I will be posting about some of my favorite bloggers. If you would like to see my previous posts click HERE and HERE and  HERE.  I hope to see you on Saturday. Well I'm off to enjoy my first day of freedom. SHINE on everyone. 
Today I bring you Picture-Pa-Looza.  I'm posting all of my pictures from the 12th of the month to go along with my 12 on the 12th Linky Party.
I am also linking up with the Kacey from Doodlebugs teaching for Five for Friday.  
Since I have a bunch of pictures to post I am going to rock this party the way that Michelle from Apples and ABC's would ~ hashtag style.

#1  #LoveWorkingWithTheseLadies    #MySummerGig  
#2, 3  #FacilitatingWorkshopForTwoWeeks  #BlogPostComingSoon
#4, 5, 6  #QRCodesInAction  #HugeHitWithTeachers&Kids
#7  #QRCodeCenter  #HaveFunTeachingVideos
#8  #MathSnacktime   #AdditionProblems  
#9  3DSnacksReady
#10, 11 #MyFavoriteSEACraftivity #LiteracyConnections
#12  IFinallyGotMyA/CFixed  #A/CIsNeededInFlorida!!!!
So there you have 12 random pictures from the 12th of the month.  

Most of these pictures where taken during the SEA lab workshop.  This has been such a FANTASTIC experience and I promise to post about it soon.  During our debriefing session on Wednesday I discussed where I find many of my ideas for the classroom ~ Pinterest, Instagram and blogs.  When one of the teachers asked me to name some of my favorite blogs I hesitated because that's like asking me to pick my favorite Sting song ~ ummmmm trust me. . . we'd be here all night.  So in an effort to shine a light on some of my all time FAVORITE blogs, I'm bringing back Super Hero Saturday.  Be sure to swing by this summer to read about some of my all time favorite bloggers. If you would like to read some of my past posts click HERE and HERE and HERE.  Hope to see you next Saturday. Well I'm off to plan for SEA Lab. SHINE on everyone. 
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